Welcome to Youtube Christian Love. As one might imagine, being a vocal atheist on YouTube, I receive a lot negative feedback from religious people. I thought it would be fun to have fans of my channel present some of the more delightful examples of Christian affection.
Some say that religion makes us better, kinder people. Those people are wrong.
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  1. Dear very valuable Atheists (not knowing your name)

    Accidentally on my computer one of your Atheist-videos startet. Usually I have nothing to do with Atheists or I just don’t know it as I usually don’t ask everyone before I start communicating whether one is religious or not as not the religion itself is the most important thing in one’s life but whether one is a good person or not or whether one’s heart and brain are turned on or better not ruined or out of order. Atheists can also be good persons as love is the subject everything is about! Religious persons do have in case they practice the Religion an advantage regarding getting in contact with the source of love in case they know that God is the source of love. If they do not know it and if they do not pray they cannot benefit from it. So it is not a matter of Religion but a matter of how one lives one’s life. One can find love (honestly speaking: in our society it is not so easy to find love everywhere as in Germany the people are trained to use aggressive ways of behavior – so finding love within the society is almost impossible as everyone is trained also in School this way: “If you want to survive you must steal!” So friendships, love cannot be found as most people try to survive. But as a religious person one could turn to God and find love there. It is not really known that one can find love when praying t God – one has to use strong prayers addressing the Almighty God directly and then the prayer will be answered when there is trust or hope or love within the prayer – when it comes straight from the heart. But almost no one knows that otherwise the people would pray strong prayers in hope and trust.) One must always distinguish between so called religious persons and the Religion itself. All huge religions are officially based on love – the good. So regarding this truth there should not be any differences between Atheists and religious persons as both are seeking to live a very happy life – breathing and spreading love. Let’s take the Christian Religion even though the Islam has it as well – charity which can also be translated as spreading love is an essential part of the Religion. So good deeds are important. This is something Atheists and religious persons have in common as when religious persons act well – doing good things everyone benefits – so in order to live a very happy life Atheists don’t have any negative effects regarding that fundamental basis of the Religion: spreading love. Whether religious persons live according to the Religion or not has nothing to do with the Religion. It is comparable to someone who has a driving-licence and there is the advise to fasten one’s seat-belt and drive the car only when one is not completely drunk. If a persons decided to drive completely drunk there can be negative effects . So if religious persons decide to ignore for example the main Messages of Jesus: 1) to love God 2) to love the neighbor as oneself and commit crimes and ignore also the 10 Commandments of Moses which says for example that one shall not kill the Religion is still correct, but it was the false behavior of the person who is religious. Our soieties do not teach how to live a lovely way with each other when you just recall the brain-washing in Germany: In order to survive you must steal. So religious and not religous persons are confronted with the wrong statements in the movies, medias, in certain States when they teach wrong stuff – and then everyone has to decide what to do. One can live as the societies proclaim to live – which means to make mistakes which have negative effects on the persons of the society or one can decide to live according to the “rules” of Jesus 1) to love God 2) to love the neighbor. In the Catholic Christian faith there is the Sacrament of confession which means: If you notice that something in your life is going wrong – could it be that mistakes were made? If it is so, wouldn’t it be better to change the way of behavior? So confession is a method to call onto one’s conscience and to review one’s life. When there was an accident as one was driving completely drunk and the car is completely crashed and persons were injured – the Sacrament of confession wants to bring persons back to a happy life – thinking about how one can realize that as crashing the car is a waste of money as one needs a new car or has to pay a lot to get the car fixed agin and injured persons are not part of a happy life either. So one should stop driving completely drunk and maybe ask a friend to give one a ride to avoid a further mistake or take a cab or just drink when one is already at home. But too much alcohol ruins also the blood, therefore all organs, the liver and the kidneys and the brain-cells are said to be negatively effected as well. So the Price is high – maybe there is a different way to get rid off one’s problems and enjoy the evening that has only positive effects like spreading love (as mentioned lateron).

    I watched the beginning of one video called “stupid comments of Christians”. In this video it was stated that this person will pray for the Atheists to get Loungecancer. Now what shall one say regarding such a statement: It is positive that this person does know that one can pray. It is fantastic that he offers (hopefully he will Keep his promise) to pray for the Atheists to God – so God can bless them and this way they might be protected as God is the source of love. Asking for Loungecancer: Jesus will say: God is the source of love – and cancer is the program of death and evil but death and evil has nothing to do with God. But I will nevertheless bless the Athesist and I will also bless you as you spent time praying for the Atheists even though they do not seem to be your very best friends yet. But that can change soon as soon as everyone is breathing and also spreading love.
    Not every religious person got the complete meaning of a Religion – the only way to conquer death and evil with the huge support from the Almighty God!!!!! This is the most important method in order to manage to live a completely happy life. As long as there are persons who practice evil ways, negative interferences stop the world’s population from breathing life in its fullness! So God has the same aim for us humans as we humans have – no wonder – due to the Religion God is the creator and Heavenly Father – and maybe you know that statement: “Wie der Vater, so der Sohn!” (As the father, so the son) Which means we were created in the image of God – breathing and spreading love only – and when love is missing one is looking for love, peace, justice, wealth, health, wisdom, creativity – all the good.
    So when there are strange comments truly religious persons would immediately turn to God and pray – this way God can bless the person who mentioned strange comments that he/she will maybe understand why persons act this or that way and will not due to prejudice comment somehow strange or even insult – but live according to the “rules” of Jesus: also to spread love!
    God knows why some persons are religious and why others are not – still it is the desire of God that all humans – all of His children – live a very happy life – breathing and spreading love. Most persons ignore or have never heard about the importance of spreading love. When one takes just the benefits / love from others one remains dissatisfied – why is that? Everyone was created out of love – so love is within our heart. As we enjoy the benefits due to our talents and success in Business the life can be experieneced in its fullness when one is also spreading love. Let’s take an example: If one has a nice flat maybe with a back-yard and likes Barbecue, one can get the stuff needed for a nice Barbecue and have a nice evening. When one has a partner and surprises the partner with a lovely Barbecue when coming home from work – one can enjoy the Barbecue together – so a little Input of love brings joy to oneself and to the partner. So spreading love has only good and positive effects on everyone as it pays back – the love comes back as one puts a smile on the partner’s face (which makes one happy to see the partner happy as one loves the partner and wants him/her to be happy), one has a wonderful evening and the friendship is still alive. The Religion tells us humans that we can enjoy life in its fullness only when spreading love! The society tells that the elbow-mentality is essential to survive and this is essential in order to live a happy life – but Religion mentions that meanness is not the way to breathe love – and therefore will never lead to a happy life. But sometimes in a Religion love which comes from the heart is not the Source and Basis of what is practiced – this is why persons also religious persons can also make mistakes.
    But in order to live a very happy life everyone is needed – breathing and spreading love – and as everyone has a heart – the source and home of love – we will achieve the common aim to breathe life in its fullness together. It is the love that is essential – love is the source of life – if love is replaced by hatred life becomes unpleasant or even unbearable – so spreading love is also essential within a society – the laws and education must change that everyone learns that love is all we need to breathe and spread and everyone is important.

    May the Almighty God bless you and everyone you hold dear now and with a Blessing everlasting. May the Almighty God lead us to a most delightful future!


    Jutta A. Kraft


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