And now, part 2 of my critique of Vegan Gains. Before diving into the video clips and addressing my concerns, I’d like to briefly respond to a reoccurring critique from last week’s video comment section. It has been leveled at me that I failed to realize that Vegan Gains was trolling, being sarcastic or acting satirically. I did not. I outlined a number of times throughout the video that Vegan Gains was either acting out a character or he was being serious. The point I was making was that in either case, he has not been doing the vegan movement any favours. A person doesn’t have to look any further then the like to dislike ratio of these videos in question. If, we are to give the benefit of the doubt to Veg an Gains and say that he was attempting to use satire to relay some kind of vegan message, why then are so many people missing it? His satire (if it is that) is lost on the large majority of his viewers, and results in leaving negative associations of veganism. The last thing the movement needs is a sensationalist, self proclaimed sadist, poor satirist, and misogynist (as we are soon to find out), distracting those discovering veganism. I accept that there are many people that claim to have come to veganism due to the videos Vegan Gains has released. Wonderful. However my concern is for all the countless people who have left his videos and were utterly repulsed by the comments, arguments and characters created. I’m not saying that my dry robotic sounding clip-art advocacy is the ultimate solution (clearly not), but I am saying that if we are serious about spreading veganism and ending the worldwide suffering of billions of animals, we ought to be willing to discuss what methods work more then they harm. It is clear from the comments of last week’s video, that many vegans are unwilling to participate in such a dialog, and that is a shame. It is my opinion, as far as that matters, that Vegan Gains’ videos are causing more harm then good because when I step back from initial emotional reaction to hate those causing animals suffer and die, I realize that changing public opinion is the best chance at success, and poor satirical videos reveling in stomping babies to bloody pulp, or describing in detail how one wants to slice the throat of a fellow youtuber cannot be seriously argued as a good way of convincing non-vegans of anything other then the questionable sanity or humour of vegans.

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I have quite a few other viewer comments to address, and I’ve already eaten up to much of this video’s time on one. In next week’s video I am committed to responding more then 20 youtube comments from last week’s video.

Now, lets delve once more into the mind and method of none other then, Vegan Gains.

Vegan Gains called it. He did in fact get a lot of hate for his misogynistic views, and rightfully so. To paint more then 50% of the human species with such a bigoted view is beyond reproach, and I’m unsure how he has managed to retain any of his female viewers. I’m at a loss why Vegan Gains thinks that most women are lazy and desire to be taken care of, but he seems to be speaking more from some past personal experiences rather then some objective analysis of the social sciences.

Are there some women who manipulate men with children. Of course, but men are no different. During a divorce, especially in cases which spousal abuse was involved, women often are awarded custody of children by the courts and so the men are required to help support financially. This is not some ploy by greedy lazy women to use men for their benefit. This is a mechanism by which society ensures that women who had to take time away from work to raise their child have a means of continued support raising their child. Vegan Gains seems to have no idea how much time and resources are devoted to raising a Baby. He comes off as immature and bitter and someone who perhaps has been pressured to be responsible for an unwanted child. This passionate opinion must stem from some personal experience.

Vegan Gains lacks tact. Yes, being overweight is generally considered to be unhealthy, but to fat shame a person is not acceptable behaviour. Dealing with body image issues is a complicated matter in a society that deems photoshoped anemia to be the idea look. There are also medical and psychological reasons why a person may be overweight so if we are to encourage a healthy lifestyle to others, we ought do it with reasoned arguments and providing resources rather then spewing personal insults. A person dealing with depression may be moved to harming themselves after seeing such displays of disgust. Please understand, I am not encouraging that overweight people embrace and encourage others to be overweight, what I am calling for is a more reasoned argument based approach.

Again, more fat shaming remarks but with the added bonus of a desire to commit a physical assault. Why? Because this lady is overweight? Because Vegan Gains finds her comments annoying? Because she speaks of eating animals? Violence is not the answer in a civilized society. Yes, there is nothing civilized about enslaving and killing billions of animals, but that is not a reason to abandon civility in our interactions with others. Violence, or threats of violence is not a means to convince others that violence towards other animals is wrong. That is hypocritical and just plain confusing to anyone unfamiliar who discovers veganism through Vegan Gains’ content.

Making fun of a person who has been diagnosed with cancer is boorish (crude and insensitive). Vegan Gains is essentially victim blaming and making light of a possibly lethal disease and this does nothing but to draw more negative attention towards him and veganism by extension. Perhaps the cancer was exacerbated by Furious Pete’s dietary choices, we will never know, but by publicly blaming him for his illness does nothing but make Vegan Gains come off as the world’s biggest asshole. There are better ways to demonstrate the increase risk of certain cancers with dietary choices and Vegan Gains has missed that opportunity. No matter what t-shirts Furious Pete has worn, or comments made in opposition to veganism, using his cancer in such a crude way to push a message lacks basic human decency.

I will freely admit that some of Vegan Gains content is pretty good and helpful, but I don’t think the good out weighs the bad. We ought not ignore the incredibly offensive and inappropriate comments just because we are fellow vegans and agree with his end goal. The end does not justify all means, and if we want to make a meaningful change to public opinion, we need to argue for veganism from a position of reason not a reactionary emotional response.

Thanks for watching. Check out next week’s video in which I address in detail many of the arguments and complaints directed at me due the release of last week’s critique of Vegan Gains.
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