Welcome to Stupid Meat Eater comments #9. This video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by non-vegan YouTubers on my channel’s debates and videos. Here are this week’s top 5 picks

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Comment #1


In no way have I forced you or anyone to adopt a vegan diet, so just like before you choose to watch one of my videos, you still have every right to make your own decisions on what you do or not do, who you eat or don’t eat. Expressing my views on various topics is not an attempt to create an Orwellian state in which any dissenters are subject to draconian control. YouTube is a free marketplace of ideas and if your viewing interests lay elsewhere, then by all means go view or create content that aligns with your beliefs.
I don’t believe in having anyone tell me what I should do or how I should think, but i am a supporter of learning from others who may have different perspectives and more knowledge on particular issues. I, like everyone am more than capable of holding onto irrational beliefs. I, like many other rational skeptically minded individuals appreciate someone pointing out to me unfounded conclusions that I hold. I strive to believe in as many true things as possible and eliminate as many falsities as I can uncover. This is how we learn and grow.
Its an interesting phenomenon that many other vegans, I’m sure, have experienced. When in discussion about veganism with people who regularly eat animals and their secretions, the meat eater often brings up how they “don’t eat that much meat”. I have two hypothesis on why this is brought up. 1) The omnivore perhaps unconsciously does not want to seem like a bloodthirsty caveman who has little regard for the lives of other sentient beings. By suggesting that they don’t eat much meat, they want to align partially with the vegan and his/her values. 2) The omnivore perhaps has heard third hand accounts of the negative health effects of consuming red meat and saturated fats, and wants to show to the vegan that he/she is also concerned about health and so minimizes their consumption of animal products. From my experience, the people who say they don’t eat much meat really take no real effort to limit their animal consumption, and are subconsciously more concerned about their perceived image over any any concern for their health or the lives of animals. It has been well documented that people’s self perception of their intelligence, their successes, the healthfulness of their diets, and their active lifestyle, are often skewed by a self desire to appear more intelligent, successful, healthy and active to others. It is incredible hard for many people to question their own habits, and even more challenging to accept criticism from others. We all like to live in a bubble of our own creation were what we believe, on any given topic, is the correct position that others should hold. When we are faced with opposition, we often retreat defensively and take personal offense rather than consider the points of contention. I am by no means immune to this tendency, and I strive to remain open to new evidences and ideas when presented.
In regards to your uncontrollable desire to eat pata negra, i have no interest in judging you personally as a “bad human being”. I think you have every capacity to change your desires and go vegan, however you lack the knowledge and self-motivation to take the first step. None of my videos are about passing judgment on people’s characters. I am interested in addressing irrational beliefs that many of us hold and defend, be they religious or diet in nature.

Comment #2


Veganism is not based upon inconclusive data. Leading health care professionals and nutritional studies are now more than ever espousing the benefits of more vegan foods in our diet and less animal based foods. Eating animal fats and protein has been shown to raise a person’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, hypertension and cancer. Plant based diets tend to minimize or completely eliminate people’s genetic propensity to develop chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and can even reverse already sick individuals.
Not only is it possible to sustain the earth’s current population on plants alone, it is healthy too, proven by science. Meat eaters often forget that the 58,000,000 billion land animals we breed into existence each year need to be fed. Much of this animal feed needs to be grown on fields. Up to 70% of all crop land being cultivated today is growing food to be directly fed to farmed animals. Since it takes a lot of plant protein to produce animal protein (13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat) a lot of crops need to be grown to feed the animals we slaughter and eat. If we didn’t have to feed 58,000,000 other mouths, we could scale back on the farmland, convert the crops to ones more suitable and desirable for human consumption, and halt the deforestation of rain forests.
Before accusing others of being hypocrites, it would be astute of you to first educate yourself on the topic, rather than assume your opinions are based upon reality just because you hold them. The information is already available, and growing each day. Take a moment and make an effort to search it out.

Comment #3


Homosexuality is a natural disposition to being attracted to the same sex. Being gay or lesbian is as much a choice as being heterosexual. You are who or what you are, and to try and force yourself into being someone else is unhealthy and unnecessary.
Animals that eat other animals tend to do so because they have a need to eat other animals to survive. If you belong to a species in which eating the flesh of other animals is imperative for your continued existence, then you have moral justification to take the life of another. If you belong to a species in which you can survive on a diet devoid of animal flesh and secretions, and you can remain healthy and also enjoy what you eat, than you have no moral justification to inflict injury, suffering and death onto other sentient beings. Humans belong to this second category and not the first. We can live long, healthy lives without animals in our guts.
In regards to your question regarding people who are allergic to vegan foods, these rare individuals who have a condition that necessitate they eat some animal foods to survive. I highly doubt that a person could be allergic to all vegan foods as that is such a wide range of foods and ingredients. If you are allergic to certain vegan foods, avoid those and find substitutes and alternatives that you enjoy.
You are free to disagree with my position and demonstrate where I have made an error, however there is no need to make it personal and question my intelligence. Name calling is immature and unproductive.

Comment #4


True veganism and atheism have nothing to do with each other except for the fact that I am both, and passionate about the dispelling irrational beliefs that cause our society and the lives of sentient animals harm. While you may find offense in the content of my video, my series is not about insulting people who eat meat by calling them stupid,  but to address the stupid comments that meat eaters make. The “stupid” is in reference to the comment, not the commenter, so your offense is unwarranted. All people, vegan or not, atheist or not, make stupid comments that they should be called out on. This is my attempt to do so.
In no way would i dream to make blanket assertions as repulsive as “all meat eaters are stupid” or “all non-vegans are stupid”. Many people in my life very special to me are either theists, or meat eaters, and I would not for a moment categorize them as stupid. We would disagree with each other on these topics, but out of mutual respect for them, I would never insult their person. Life is too fleeting and precious to waste insulting others. I try and encourage rational discourse, and an exchange of perspectives and opinions with the people in my life and with those that happen to view my videos.
Living a month as a vegan without petroleum would be challenging however not impossible. Much of all our lives, vegan or non-vegans alike centres around consumer goods made with petroleum or transported using vehicles fueled by petrol. A world without petroleum would be a very different world for all of us. Most people don’t farm their own food, or live and work in close proximity, so where we live and how we sustain ourselves would have to change. Lucky for us that we do live in a time and place where we can reap the benefits of technology and have hard working farmers grow our crops for us, and have hard working people ship and truck these foods to grocery stores where we all can shop and sustain our biological need for nutrients and vitamins.
I choose to bring atheism and veganism under a single umbrella because I am both and I find the justifications to believe in a god or religion equally absurd to the justifications people have for consuming animals and their bodily secretions. Both are based upon baseless assertions, tradition, socialization, misinformation and cause direct and indirect harm to humans and non-human animals. I advocate for believing and acting upon rational evidence, and eliminate harm wherever possible to maximize the well being of all sentient creatures.

Comment #5


If i am ignorant and have a bias that is limiting me from perceiving the truth in any belief I hold, please let me know as I wish to only believe in things that are rational and evidence based and reflect reality. Now onto my rebuttal of your claims and assertions.
1) I have visited many farms and sanctuaries, and there is definitely a sliding scale of care given to the animals. I do agree that not all farmed animals are treated the same in all farms across the globe, however the issue of treatment is not my primary objection
2) What you consider “fantastic life quality” is vague and subject to your perception of what these farmed animals deserve in respect to your desire to use and eat them.
3) Irrespective of how well or how poorly farmers may treat their livestock, my main objection to animal consumption is animal USE. While I object to treating human or non-human animals poorly, I see no moral justification to breed, enslave and kill farmed animals even in the most ideal situations. It is not an issue of HOW you treat them, it is an issue that you USE them at all.
4) You claim to avoid meat slaughter in unnecessary cruel ways, but do not define what you mean by unnecessary or by cruel. Most humans can survive and flourish on a fully vegan diet, so how can any slaughter of animals be anything other than unnecessary? Necessity refers to a requirement for something or someone. Since we can and do live as vegans, we have no necessity to kill other animals for our continued existence.
What constitutes cruelty? Is a painful life and death inflicted onto an animal your definition of cruelty? Is unnecessarily causing a sentient being harm, cruelty? Death and suffering are intrinsically tide to animal agriculture as you cannot procure the flesh of sentient creature without causing him/her physical harm, and a loss of a future life.
While halal is awful, so to is every other method of extracting flesh, as all are equally unnecessarily and morally unjustified for most humans alive. If you are not incredibly poor, and you are not in a desperate survival situation, you ought to make decisions that are rational, considerate, and informed and take into account how your choices effect others, human or non-human. We are not the only animals on this planet with wants, desires, emotions, and thoughts.

There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different YouTubers. Which comment would you vote to win the Dumbass of the week award?

Would it be:

1) dogsofwarclan who believes that my videos are an attempt to subvert his ability to make his own decisions
2) Proud2bGreek1 believes that its impossible to sustain the world’s population on a vegan diet, and its unhealthy too, proven by science!
3) Luke Nance who thinks that if its okay for humans to be homosexual because some animals are homosexual, than its okay to eat meat.
4) mrcHorey who thinks its a shame I bring veganim and atheism up in context and that I supposedly assert that meat eaters are stupid (which i clearly do not)
5) Jim Viperbane who thinks my objection to eating animals is a mistaken perception of how farmed animals are generally treated.

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