Welcome to Stupid Meat Eater comments #11. This video series presents some of the amazingly stupid comments by non-vegan YouTubers on my channel’s debates and videos. Here are this week’s top 5 picks

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Comment #1

Zack Villa

Real nuggets of wisdom here. Since everyone dies, we might as well do what we want, enjoy life and screw the rest. Right… The epitome of selfishness if Ive ever heard it.
Enjoyment is rarely, if ever, a barometer to gauge how ethical a thing is. We would never argue that rape, murder, and theft are moral because we can bring ourselves to empathize with the victims of such acts. When considering issues across species boundaries, we are collectively challenged in imagining how other animals, who we routinely allow killed for our appetite, live and feel. When made uncomfortable we often suppress our compassion and excuse the brutality with poor arguments pertaining to matters of convenience, tradition, and entertainment. We often lash out at others, belittle them with condescending remarks and demand to be left alone. But the problem is, we cannot sit idly by while human and non-human lives are at stake. Its time to act like the alpha level intelligent species on the planet we all claim to be a part of.
I’m far from perfect, don’t get me wrong, but I try and strive to leave the world better than I found it. Who or what you eat, what products you buy, what industry and labour practices you support, we collectively have the power to change the world for future generations. Sure its an uphill battle full of obstacles, but the first and most important step in the right direction is actually giving a shit. It doesn’t have to be about veganism, atheism, or any other topic covered on this channel. Find your passion and make an impact.
I am who I am because of the countless little moments in life, the books Ive read, the people I’ve talked to, the podcasts and debates Ive listened to, all leading to the man I am here and now. If this is one of your first exposures to a vegan, I don’t expect you to be moved to change, but I do hope that Ive made you think.

Comment #2

Jacton Lace

Nothing coming out of the bible should be automatically deemed factual or logical. One should employ reason and evidence to formulate beliefs about the reality we live in, not ancient mythology produced by ignorant men centuries ago.
Science has determined that in our distant past, some 1.5 million years ago, our ancestors diet had changed to foods of higher nutritional value, which allowed for the larger brains that eventually followed. There is no scientific evidence showing that the reduction or elimination of meat from a person’s diet has any effect on their brain size.
In regards to Jack’s atheist bigotry. I have done nothing wrong to him and therefore don’t need his forgiveness. If a god exists, and is upset that I have used my brain to demand evidence for exceptional claims, then he is not a god worthy of my attention and love. An atheist is simply a person who lacks a belief in a god. Why would lacking a belief in a sky daddy make a person “the most immoral being ever”? I cannot make myself believe in something that I don’t believe. I could no sooner convince myself that I could jump off a building and fly then I could convince myself that a god exists. Why would this make me such a vile person in your eyes?
Now in regards to your final few confused hate filled words. Vegans abstain from eating or using animal derived food items because we object to the use and abuse of fellow sentient beings. Sentience is the important descriptor, not life. The plants I eat are alive, but lack sentience. Taking the life of a carrot in no way resembles the slaughtering of an animal. To conflate the two is to lack a rudimentary understanding of basic biology.
All too often I hear from god fearing theists words of such hatred that Im reminded why Im proud not to belong in their ranks. Seems as if religions are not making people better, but often producing unpleasant and thoroughly arrogant, ignorant individuals.

Comment #3


So, what I gather is that objecting to slaughtering animals is okay, but if you refrain from consuming dairy and eggs, you now enter the realm of extremism? There is a whole lot wrong with dairy and eggs, and from an animal suffering perspective, the animals involved in these industries suffer longer and harder than animals used only for their flesh. Cow’s milk, i.e. the mammary secretions of an 1800 lbs bovine, is only produced when the cow is inseminated and made pregnant. The fluid created by these mammals are tailored to feed a growing calf which can put on 1.5 to 1.8 pounds per day for 24 months. Once born, the calfs are often fed a soy formula instead so that the mother’s milk can be sold to humans. Most calfs end up in the veal industry, and the few remaining stragglers end up as future milk machines. Once the milk production weans, after successive pregnancies, the cow is sent to slaughter. If you consume dairy, you support the suffering and death of millions of cows.
Eggs are not any better. From a health perspective, they contain some of the highest concentrations of cholesterol of any edible food (except for brain matter). From the perspective of animal suffering, the large majority of eggs are produced in massive factory farms housing hundreds of thousands of birds stuffed into wire cages. Even before entering their cells, half of all that have hatched, the males, are killed. The ones to survive have their beaks seared off. Once the chicken’s egg production weans, they too are sent to slaughter.
Harming other sentient beings without just cause is the epitome of immorality. Refraining from the mass destruction of billions of animals is not an attempt to give them human status, or live a life devoid of pleasures, but rather It is an acknowledgment that other animals on this planet also have a right to live their life. If you haven’t eaten tasty vegan meals, then you honestly haven’t tried very hard. I enjoy eating food now more then ever. Vegan foods are incredibly pleasurable if you take the time to learn.

Comment #4


In your entirely unrealistic hypothetical, farmed animals would eat us, so that’s your justification to eat them? That makes no sense whatsoever. Sure animals love to eat, as well as copulate, as these acts increase the likelihood of survival. A hungry pig will eat just about anything, and it won’t recognize the difference between human meat and any other time of meat. What is your point? I bet that if you unknowingly served up a platter of human flesh at a party, most people would eat it up without question and enjoy it. What does that prove? Nothing.
Animals don’t have to reciprocate care for me to care about them. If we are in fact the most advanced intelligent beings on the planet, then shouldn’t we take an active role in being the care takers? No one would argue that we should withhold care to children since they cannot reciprocate the same care back to us. As mature responsible, and compassionate adults, we often give without expecting anything in return. I’m vegan not because I expect cows to thank me, but to end the senseless slaughter of billions of animals, the destruction of the environment and our natural resources, and the health crises effecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Comment #5

Jack Reilly

All beliefs should NOT be respected and tolerated. Does anyone think that racist, sexist, homophobic beliefs should be respected? How about geocentric beliefs? How about a 6000 year old earth? Respect should be earned not dispensed freely.
We are omnivore, but we are not obligate omnivores. By this I mean that while we CAN eat animal derived foods, we don’t have to to be healthy. Think of it like a buffet. A restaurant might have hundreds of options, but that doesn’t mean you have to partake in every single one of them. Having this flexibility has allowed our species to flourish in all sorts of environments where food supplies vary. We however do not have a nutritional requirement to consume flesh. If we can acquire the necessary building blocks through other foods, our bodies prosper.
While its nice to see an acknowledgment that the meat industry causes immense suffering to innocent beings, as Jack has indicated can feel happiness, sadness, joy and loss, his solution to hunt animals instead rests on the assumption that eating meat is a survival requirement. If you have no nutritional requirement, i.e. necessity, to kill and eat other animals, then what morally justifiable reason do you have? Pleasure? entertainment? Neither reason would stand up in a court of law if you had to defend a murder charge. Self-defence, duress, survival could all be argued and defended. Pleasure, convenience, and tradition would not.


There you have it. 5 stupid comments from 5 different YouTubers. Which comment would you vote to win the Dumbass Comment of the week award?

Would it be:

1) zack villa who doesn’t give a fuck and does what he wants.
2) Jacton Lace who thinks its okay to eat meat because… bible.
3) halladall1 who thinks veganism is extreme because eggs and dairy are healthy.
4) RubixCeaser who thinks that cows, chickens and pigs would eat us if they could.
5) Jack Reilly who thinks that innocent animals should be hunted rather than farmed.

To vote, leave your choice in the comment section below. Choose only 1 winner. Results will be available on my Facebook page and goggle + page One week from today on Saturday November 15th. Check back to see who won!

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  1. Humans are shit-asses. We are the worst species on the face of the planet. While we are the most advanced, I believe we are certainly not the most intelligent, neither are we moral. As long as we exist, there will always be people doing injustices to humans and other species on the planet. I am one person, and I don’t see the meat industry, nor meat-eaters going anywhere any time soon. My point is: my refusal to eat a hamburger doesn’t prevent the cow from dying. I can’t do anything to the asshole who killed the cow. I can’t bring it back to life. I can’t obliterate the meat industry. What the hell can I do? How does refusing to eat meat change anything? How does “giving a shit” change anything? Assholes will be assholes.


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