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As many of you know, I am not an American citizen, but rather a neighbour to the north. So you may be wondering why I should give a damn about American politics at all. Good question, with an easy answer. The United States of America is our largest economic partner, and thus the success or failure of their economy has an immediate effect on ours as well. The rational part of me wishes Trump’s administration all possible success, because, frankly it is self-serving to my country’s interests. However, the emotional part of me hopes for a total disaster, because I honestly don’t like Trump, and I think he is a fool elected by a scary number of gullible people. If this statement shocks you, what I wonder is what did you expect from not only an atheist but a vegan as well? If you are an atheist or vegan (or both) and support and believe in Trump, I’d love to hear about it in the comment section of this video, because I really don’t get the appeal, at least not the rational one that would motivate one to actually vote him into power.

So, why is it that I dislike America’s newest president? Well, lets start with what I believe ought to be the foundational characteristics of a great leader and see if President Trump displays them.

Being a great leader requires focusing in on the pressing issues of a country and not getting bogged down with trivial matters. Unless you have been living under a rock, you ought to have been inundated by the media reporting on Trump’s obsession with tweeting anytime his ego is bruised. Here is a man who is so self-absorbed that he cannot put his job ahead of his pride.

A great leader should instill confidence in his/her people by showcasing empathy and a strong vision for the future. Trump fails massively on this trait with his history of petty crass remarks of women, people with disability, Hispanics, Muslims, the media, and anyone who dares criticize him. He may be confident in himself, but he does not illicit confidence in others.

Honesty and Integrity:
A great leader should also be committed to truth to engender trust in his people. President Donald Trump, since taking office has lied about voter fraud, lied about the size of his crowds, lied about the murder rate, lied about the media not reporting terrorist attacks, lied about facing historic delays getting his cabinet nominees confirmed, and lied about Bernie Sanders being dropped off CNN. If that wasn’t enough Trump has a list of lies a mile long from the years leading up to his presidency. He is not an honest person who holds truth in high regard, and he will say whatever he wants to sway the gullible, stroke his ego and rewrite the past.

Running a country ought to be reserved for only those who are very well educated (both schooling and matters of world affairs), have tremendous experience managing people and issues (in previous leadership roles), and have demonstrated a commitment to working in the best interest of their fellow citizens. Donald Trump, while having a University degree, does not hold pertinent degrees in politics, world affairs and diplomacy. He has some business leadership experience, but little to none that aides him in his running and managing the highest office of the country. His whole career has been about growing his real estate empire, his ego and his business influence, often at the expense of others. His past embodies that of a self-interested capitalist, not one who works for the benefit of society and those less fortunate.

I could go on and on listing characteristics that a great leader ought to hold, and demonstrating again and again how Donald Trump lacks them, but this video is not meant to be complete account of all his failings, but instead one man’s opinion piece. I do not have the desire or the time to devote countless hours detailing all the ways that Trump has shown himself not to be fit for the job he holds.

So in closing, I want to express a few remaining thoughts and concerns. I never dreamed that Trump would actually win the election, and was disheartened when he did. I was disappointed more in the realization that there were so many gullible, confused, mislead Americans who voted him in. Millions of people, many of whom I’m sure are otherwise rational and well educated, bought into his racism and misogyny, and believed that his crass egotistical nature was a sign of transparency, and a passion to change the country for the better. What I saw, and continue to see is that Trump has always been more concerned with leaving a monumental legacy and inflating his own ego. I get it. I understand that many people felt their voices were not heard, and that Washington was concerned with lining their own pockets with money. I really do get. I am often apathetic to politics because I believe that politicians are all to often not held accountable for their promises and their actions. Did I think Hillary was a great choice. No not at all, she represented much of whats wrong with politics today, but I believe that she would have been a much better President then Donald. Like it or not, Trump will leave a legacy that will not be forgotten. What concerns me more about the future is not so much what Trump says or does, but who he puts into positions of power and influence. I fear his legacy will be one of dividing a nation, reversing many of the social and environmental advances of the last decade, and entrenching further religious and corporate self interest into the fabric of government. I hope I’m wrong, but that’s the emotional side of me speaking. The rational skeptical side of me is not impressed with how things are unfolding and I dread the day that President Trump will be impeached and Vice President Mike Pence will take office.

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