Hi everyone, welcome back to TheVeganAtheist. I’m excited to be creating videos again for you my fans, and I have a lot of great content planned for the future. I do however need your help to make my videos even more engaging and entertaining, all in an effort to grow my channel and spread my vegan and atheist message.

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As many of you have commented, my videos tend to be a slideshow gallery of stock photos, and I’d like to change that. When I first began this channel, all the images I used came from a Google image search. Later, I started up an account with Patreon (a crowd funding site to help content creators), and you my fans were super generous and I was able to purchase a subscription to Shutterstock (a professional stock photos service). You aided me in upping my video creation game, and I am forever thankful.

Now is the time to take the next evolution in video creation and I need your help. I am looking to purchase a subscription to VideoBlocks, a professional stock video footage site, and Epidemic Sound, a professional music service. Both with the addition of stock video, and professional grade music, my content will be much more captivating and entertaining, which will aid in spreading my message. Here’s the rub, VideoBlocks subscription is currently $149 USD, Epidemic Sound is $180 USD, and Shutterstock is $348 USD. If you love my content, and want to see where I can take this channel, please become a Patreon supporter and pledge whatever you can. You can also send in a donation via Paypal if you prefer. If you can’t spare any money, I totally understand. You can help by liking this video, commenting and sharing it with others on Facebook and Twitter.

I really do hate asking for handouts and donations, and I know I can really improve my videos with these extra services in place. If you got a few bucks to spare, it will be greatly appreciated. I make a promise to you here and now: Once I reach a mere $100 USD a month in support, every last penny above that will be donated to charity. Each month on my Facebook page, I will post the receipt for that month’s charity. I’m not looking to make money from your donations, just help covering some of the costs of production.
Anything you can spare will help a lot in making my content better. Thank you for your ongoing support and as always thanks for watching.


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