Hi everyone. Today I officially announce the launch of my second Youtube Channel which will be devoted to veganism. Make sure to head on over and subscribe so you don’t miss out on new releases. You may be wondering why the change… Since my return to video creation these last couple of months, it has become apparent to me that the growth of this channel is being hindered by the split in viewership. Atheists subscribe to my channel because of my work on debunking religious claims. Vegan viewers subscribe because of my vegan content. With each video release I loose hundreds of subscribers, only to slowly gain them back by the following week’s new release. This has resulted in zero growth in 2 months of video creation. In fact, its worse that. I had more subscribers at the end of January then I do now.

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While I understand that many of you may object to this separation of vegan and atheist videos, i am convinced that this is the right move. I will still be creating videos on atheist and vegan related subject matter, but I will do so on 2 separate channels. All future vegan content will be released on the new channel. Existing vegan videos will remain, but new remastered and edited versions will be moved on over during the next few weeks.
This, the original VeganAtheist channel will be focused on atheist and religious based content, so make sure your are subscribed to both channels, so that you don’t miss out on the many great videos I have planned.

As an incentive to my large subscriber base and many long time fans, once I hit 50,000 subscribers on the new channel, I will host my first unedited, unscripted livestream video.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and as always, thank you for watching.

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