Debate Topic: Should everyone go vegan? Peter Singer, Philip Wollen and Veronica Ridge debate Fiona Chambers, Bruce McGregor and Adrian Richardson.

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Turn Captions ON to See My Commentary Throughout the Debate!

Opening Statements:
10:04 Peter Singer (VEGAN)
19:47 Fiona Chambers (OMNIVORE)
28:55 Philip Wollen (VEGAN)
38:44 Bruce McGregor (OMNIVORE)
48:25 Veronica Ridge (VEGAN)
57:35 Adrian Richardson (OMNIVORE)

Question and Answer Period

Closing Statements:
1:34:18 Adrian Richardson (OMNIVORE)
1:35:49 Veronica Ridge (VEGAN)
1:37:21 Bruce McGregor (OMNIVORE)
1:39:40 Philip Wollen (VEGAN)
1:42:46 Fiona Chambers (OMNIVORE)
1:45:10 Peter Singer (VEGAN)



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