I’ve been a vegan for 15 years and meat free for 22 years, and have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience. If you have ever considered going vegan, this video will give you 5 quick tips to be a happy healthy vegan.

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#1 – B12

Take a cyanocobalamin B12 supplement. Low B12 can cause anemia and nervous system damage. Do not rely on B12 fortified foods alone. One 10 micrograms daily or 2000 micrograms weekly. I personally take a liquid vitamin weekly.

#2 – DHA Omega 3/6

There is evidence that omega-3 fatty acids are helpful in the prevention and treatment of heart disease and important for cognitive function. There are three important Omega-3 Fatty acids:
ALA (alpha-linolenic acid)
EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

ALA is easy to find in a vegan diet (ie flax), and our bodies can convert ALA into EPA and DHA, however large amounts of ALA are necessary. I eat ground flax, and a small amount of DHA flax oil every day just to be sure I’m not deficient.
DHA supplementation: 200-300mg every 2-3 days.

#3 – Speaking with Non-vegans

It may be tempting to share your new found passion for spreading veganism to everyone in your life, but I would caution your approach. If you value the relationships you have, be they personal or business, perhaps you ought to set some boundaries. Most people are not receptive to criticism, or questioning of one’s ethical framework, so what I would suggest is don’t initiate conversations about veganism, but rather respond to questions or concerns when they come up. Be a friendly and knowledgeable vegan who is not looking to convince someone to go vegan through guilt or shock. Lead by example, not by judgment.

#4 – Join a community (online or offline)

Going vegan is often done individually, and so you may find yourself feeling removed from society and the people you normally interact with. There is tremendous value in learning from the experiences of others, and having a community to talk to and grow. I would highly recommend joining an online forum such as the Philosophical Vegan, and/or finding a local meet up group. If your neighbourhood doesn’t have one, start one.

#5 – Visit a Farm Sanctuary

It’s one thing to read and watch videos of animals saved from the harms of animal agriculture, but its another thing altogether when you get to meet them in person at a local farm sanctuary. Throughout the world you will find animal sanctuaries where compassionate people devote their lives to caring for injured and traumatized creatures and who give them a renewed peaceful life. The harm, and the compassion become much more real when you witness the victims. If you ever have the chance to visit, or even volunteer, don’t pass it up. It will change you forever.
Have your own vegan tips to being a happy and healthy vegan? Share it in the comment section below


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