Presentation explaining the benefits of going vegan. Created by The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida

Click here to watch the video


  1. The video, “100 reasons to go Vegan” changed my perspective on so many matters and eventually ended converting me to vegaism.
    I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful effort you have put into spreading the message and please never stop posting!
    PS, I’m also atheist and those videos just crack me up.

  2. Amazing!!!! I am thinking about doing a symposium at my high school and came across this. I am considering biting this whole thing off or not even trying ‘cuz it’s so good I can’t even compare. Lol jk. I don’t plagiarize. But I am scared of confronting my high school peers, they might not even show up. I can not be as charismatic anyway. Aaaaah.


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